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This Is What Self-Care Actually Means

If you couldn’t tell, I am all the way here for the self-care movement! It's great that so many people have embraced giving themselves a break, but it's also true that self-care has become a trend to the point where it’s lost its true meaning.

Self-care is trending right now, but what is it?

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We've all seen memes, YouTube videos, and think pieces about self-care. It's a buzzword everyone uses. But what does it mean?

What does self-care look like in “real” life? How do we find our way through this confusing wait-self-care-isn’t-just-spa-days territory?

Self-care simply means you are taking care of yourself.

Self-care can be anything that makes you feel at peace. It could mean treating yourself to a 90-minute facial, but it can also mean taking five minutes to sit quietly and breathe deeply. I truly dislike how we confuse self-care with self-indulgence, but that’s why I’m writing this blog.

It takes practice to figure out what self-care looks like for you.

Like many of y’all, I love a good facial, but I thought about other ways self-care manifests for me. Here are a few:

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  • Dedicating time to meditating outside nightly (#naturegrl)
  • Listening to audiobooks or reading physical books
  • Setting a Do Not Disturb schedule on my phone + devices
  • Saying “no” to things that don’t bring me joy


Taking care of yourself should be routine.

Self-care is not about selfishness or lazing about. It's about regularly taking time to feel good and recharge after long days, difficult situations, or emotional distress.

If you're constantly running on empty without a break, it will show in your work and relationships with others — and that's where burnout starts.




In the end, self-care is about taking care of yourself. It’s not just about going to the spa or booking a trip to Paris. Self-care is about being intentional with your time and energy. If we don't care for ourselves, we can’t care for others.

Are you feeling low or even burnt out? Tell me a simple way you want to practice self-care in the comments.




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