Who needs friends with enemies like YOU?

Watching this TikTok got me thinking...

When we focus on the negatives in our lives, our brains start seeing negativity everywhere. (Thanks anxiety.)

But when we focus on the positives đŸ„ł, we see more good in the world.

Don't agree? Well, stay with me.

Do you remember when you got a new car and then started seeing everybody and they mama driving it too? Same thing! (I won't nerd out, so google “reticular activating system” and prepare to have your anxious lil' mind blown.)

Instead of being your #1 worst enemy because you

❌ didn’t exercise today ❌ didn’t finish something ❌ didn’t make $1,000,000 yesterday

Take 5 minutes to think about what you used to be like.

  • Does anything from your past make you cringe? đŸ„ŽÂ 
  • Do you wish you knew better?

Well, those are signs of growth, baybee! đŸŒ± Be proud of yourself!

TLDR: The world will beat you up on its own. You don't gotta hand it the boxing gloves.

Tell me in the comments one thing about you that you're proud of.

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