It started on Instagram...

I thought my shyness was just me being a typical introvert. On April 1, 2019, while recapping nerve-racking moments on my Instagram story, my friend Christian replied that she didn't know I had social anxiety.

That made two of us! 😅

Luckily, I met with a psychiatrist three weeks later because I knew a professional opinion was necessary before I rode off into the sunset with a Google diagnosis. I typed up a timeline of events + shared it with him. Not surprisingly, Dr. S. diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder, but he caught me off guard with the ADHD diagnosis.

I spent about two years keeping it a secret out of shame. Oh, but now? Baybeeeee, I recognize the strengths that come with this special-ass brain, + I do not care what people think. (Hey, neurospicy crew! Gang gang! 🧠🌶️)

That appointment was the first day of the rest of my life. It unofficially kicked off a new chapter of my healing journey. Now I'm on a lifelong mission to heal trauma, put fear in its place + become the highest, bad bitch version of myself. All things considered, it's going pretty well. 💅🏾

The Audacious Crew is an online community for anxious women who wanna live life to the mothafuckin' fullest. You belong here if you're tired of your triggers + generational trauma calling the shots. You've always had the power to take off your mask + live authentically. And being here will get you one step closer.

♡ Jai